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CrossFit Grunt (ABN 13 901 311 696) is committed to safeguarding your personal
information and protecting your privacy. Please take a few minutes to read the following privacy
policy so that you understand how we treat your personal information. As we continuously
improve and expand our services, this privacy policy might change. So please check it out
periodically. If you have any questions about our privacy policy please email us at

In all cases we will treat your personal information with no less protection than that provided for
by the Australian Privacy Principles set out under the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy
Protection) Act 2012 (Cth) and any other privacy laws that are in force in Australia.
How and what personal information we collect about you
We collect personal information when:
1. you sign up to receive information or via Contact Us. To do this, Company will require the
minimum personal information required, including your e-mail, name, phone number,
address and comments; and
2. you interact with Company, for example, via email, e-newsletters or regular mail.
If you provide us with personal information via our website, this personal information will only
identify who you are if you provide us with your details (for example, if you provide us with your
contact details). When you visit our website our web server collects the following types of
information for statistical and marketing purposes:

  1.  Your Internet service provider, mobile carrier or data services provider;

  2. Your Internet Protocol (IP) address

  3. The number of users who visit the website

  4. The date and time of each visit;

  5. The pages accessed;

  6. The type of browser used;

  7. The links you click;

  8. The features you use;

  9. The content and images you select; and

  10. How you have arrived at our pages.

Company staff will have access to your personal information for the purpose of system
maintenance, support, testing and troubleshooting.
Before we disclose your personal information to an overseas recipient such as a supplier or data
(a) who is not in Australia or an external territory; and
(b) who is not the entity or the individual;
we take all steps as are reasonable in the circumstances to ensure that the overseas recipient does
not breach the Australian Privacy Principles in relation to your personal information.

Privacy Policy: About Us
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